Our Lean Workflow Journey at UK Power Networks, Part 1

January 26th, 2017

Client Review by Lee Warwick Continuous Improvement Coach UK Power Networks,

Lean WorkFlow

With the help of CDI London, UK Power Networks have begun a lean workflow journey within a particular area of our business.

The lean workflow steps so far have been clear and concise.

Firstly, an area was highlighted for its potential improvement opportunities. This area had also set up mini-businesses, which will support the improvement projects development when identified.

Secondly a Kaizen team was formed with clear roles and responsibilities defined.  So far this identified team have undertaken training on understanding waste. They have also completed full value stream map’s and metrics for the entire work process.

I have enjoyed being involved in the most engaged workshops. It has opened up interactions with members of the whole value stream, and created more bridges where perhaps there were little to no bridges.

It is interesting to see how, when a picture is created by mapping our value stream, the eyes of those who are involved are opened to many possibilities for improvement projects.

Value Stream Mapping Workshop

Our next steps will be to learn to do. Diving deeper into each particular process, and working with those involved, to make long term measurable improvements.

“There is a real sense of intrigue at this part of the lean workflow journey, and I can tell that, as well as myself, the team are very excited about the prospect of improvements to come.” Lee Warwick, Continuous Improvement Coach

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