Engaging Leadership

To stay ahead of the competition, you need the support, skills and commitment from everyone in your business.

“Great leaders build trusting relationships, connecting in a way that increases people’s confidence and ability to achieve great results.”

We help leaders engage, inspire and develop the people they work with

We help leaders at every level create an environment that inspires, motivates people and enables them to achieve their best. An environment where people feel appreciated, heard and valued and work hard because they want to rather than because they have to. 

We recognise that developing soft skills for effective leadership is a personal journey of courage, patience and practice. We offer different coaching interventions designed to support everyone’s individual leadership journey.

“People who feel inspired, appreciated, heard and valued are more likely to be engaged in the business.”

Leadership Coaching Programme

Our group leadership programme is ideal for workplace leaders wanting to build strong relationships with the people they work with. Working together in a safe, practical, learning space, the leaders’ practice and develop skills essential for effective communication. Working in a small group facilitates accountability and support and encourages individual progress and confidence.

The programme involves experiential learning in manageable steps with identifiable outcomes. As part of their development, participants learn to coach, so as leaders they are better able to motivate and inspire others. We help them to listen better, ask questions, chair productive meetings, have courageous conversations, solve problems and provide meaningful support. 

Team Coaching

High performing teams consistently achieve great results. But not every team finds this easy to achieve and falling short of the target is demotivating for everyone and bad for business. Working with the team and team leader, our coaches help identify the working patterns and barriers that get in their way. Harnessing their collective strengths, we help them find different ways of working and engaging with each other to improve their individual and team results. Focusing as a team on a common purpose, they support one another to achieve their collective goals.

Coaching for Individuals

While coaching has traditionally been deemed more suitable for senior leaders, we believe workplace leaders and middle managers are just as deserving of 1-1 support. Becoming a leader is daunting, especially for anyone promoted into a leadership position with little or no previous experience. Coaching offers the leader a safe space to learn more about themselves and find the most effective way to manage both themselves and the people they work with.

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