Our Lean Workflow Journey So Far at UK Power Networks, Part 2

February 28th, 2017

Client Review by Lee Warwick, Continuous Improvement Coach at UK Power Networks.

UK Power Networks continues to make great progress on their lean workflow journey.

Following the last blog post, the Kaizen project team has put into practice their learning about value stream mapping from CDI London. They are building service level agreements across a key value stream. This has had its challenges but mainly met with positive intent and good conversations. Conversations, that previously would not have even been attempted.

It has started to get real for the team involved and the excitement is palpable.

The kaizen team has also highlighted a number of potential projects that will improve the metrics and performance of the value stream. And they have been taught some project managing tools, using an A3 methodology. This structured standardised approach will help all teams across the value stream understand where the projects are and how success is being measured.

The consensus from the team is that these workshops have been brilliantly engaging.

The talk about the project outside of the Kaizen team has been positive. And the socialising happening after the workshops is visibly effective and highly engaging. Other members of staff  have expressed interest in attending future workshops and are saying “this process seems to be doing everything right”.

Feedback from others is that this value stream mapping process seems to be doing everything right.

The Kaizen team is now implementing the projects that they have been set. With coaching from CDI London and support from the Continuous Improvement team, these will no doubt be a huge success. I am looking forward to seeing how everyone progresses with the challenges that they have set themselves.

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