UK Power Networks Connection Services uses Value Stream Mapping to identify improvement opportunities.

August 15th, 2017

Client Review by Lee Warwick, Continuous Improvement Coach at UK Power Networks,

Three improvements made on by UK Power Networks on their LEAN journey.

1: The value stream map that was formulated at the Lean workshops provided a clear picture of improvement opportunities, and has become the backbone for Connection Services 2017 strategic plan.

2: All areas of Connection Services are currently writing Standard Operating Procedures. We found through the lean journey that it was very tough to alter processes that were not standardised. So we have learnt that we must have SOPs in place before we can expect to make major improvements.

3: We now have a much better understanding of waste. As one manager explained, ‘she no longer sees issues, but she sees so much waste’.

Where are we now on our Lean Workflow Journey?

Seven months into the Lean Journey with CDI London, and the CI team at UK Power Networks are completing the first round of projects. Many lessons have been learnt along the way, and the team is now chomping at the bit to move onto new projects.

“It can be safe to say that they have caught the continuous improvement bug.”

We are aiming to develop our measuring and project planning over the next few months, as this is a discipline that has not yet matured within the team. But with the ongoing support of CDI London, I see no reason why the team won’t continue to find success with the methodology taught.

As we move to a stage of handover from CDI training to our internal Champions, it is important that we maintain communication with CDI London so we can stay true to the teaching. As is also said, “you never stop learning”, and we all continue to grow.

I look forward to a bright future for the Connection Services team here at UK Power Networks, and thanks to the help, support and guidance from CDI london, the team can be confident that they are carrying out improvement projects in the right areas.

If you would like know more about how you can improve your processes and eliminate wasteful activity, do get in touch with CDI London.