High Performing Teams Know Their Team Results

August 20th, 2013

Imagine switching on your TV to watch your favourite team playing.  The game has started; the players are chasing the ball across the field. As you settle into the sofa to watch the game, what information do you look for?  The chances are you will look for the current score and the amount of play time left.  Scoreboard

Imagine if this information is not available to you and all you can see are the players running around the field. How will you feel and how will this influence your enjoyment of the game?

Waiting until the game ends to hear the results is too slow and frustrating.  As a spectator, you want to be involved in the game and for this to happen you need access to all the relevant information.  Knowing their measures or how they are doing, is just as important for the players on the field; it keeps them motivated, focussed on the game and able to function as a team.

Teams in any environment need to know how they are performing and whether they are winning or losing.

Team boardTeams need to know how they are performing; are they winning or loosing?  Keeping the score in the work place is just as critical for business. When work place team members know their team results, they are engaged in the team’s purpose and they become energetic, motivated and competitive.

Clear visual management of team results and performance is powerful.  It helps the team to keep themselves in control and ensures that team members know how they are performing.  It enables them to quickly identify problems and areas for improvement.

Teams need to measure their performance in order to achieve outstanding results.  The measures need to be accessible, relevant, understandable and above all visible to everyone.

Getting the visual measurement process right is the cornerstone of a team becoming world class.  It ensures the team members focus on achieving their goals and it motivates them to continually improve their team results.

Can your team see their results?  Do they know if they are winning or loosing?

Terry Johnson, CDI London Business Coach