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MDW has provided us with a structured, cost-effective and flexible way to implement a range of best business practices at front line level. It has succeeded where other continuous improvement approaches have failed by being simpler, more engaging and less disruptive to implement and because it quickly transfers long-term improvement skills to our teams.
The coaching and training provided by CDI London is flexible, focused and practical. This enables us to implement improvements much faster than we previously thought possible and stay ahead of our competitors.
Most importantly MDWT has enabled us to transform our business results and to create a genuinely innovative culture. We are confident that our performance will continue on a steep upward climb for the foreseeable future.

Continuous Improvement Manager, UK Power Networks

The MDW programme was a fantastic enabler in the cultural transformation of the Derbyshire site. The level of business awareness of our employees, together with genuine visual performance measurement and goal alignment resulted in our Supply Chain being regarded as a competitive differentiator in the market place. The benefits this programme brought to our operation and our employees, with the support of CDI London enabled Diversey to be externally recognised as one of the leading manufacturers in the UK.

Director, Diversey UK

Implementing Mission Directed Work Teams at our main facility in the U.S. was instrumental in developing a visual workplace and initiated goal alignment between business objectives and factory performance. Terry Johnson is a passionate ‘hands on’ coach who works well with all levels of an organisation. His on-site consultations are informative, valuable, and fun

Manager, Diversey Waxdale USA

I have been proud to be part of an initiative that has had a profound impact on our business both in terms of business results & the development of our people. We have always been passionate about our products but MDW has focused our efforts in a way that has given us a greater degree of clarity as to what is actually important.

Continuous Improvement Manager, Vitacress

We experienced sustainable continuous improvement following the implementation of MDW. The result is a culture where improvement is not just embraced, it becomes the organisation’s way of working.

Manager, Nestle Purina, Wisbech

MDW and the support from CDI London provided our manufacturing team with a framework that involved everyone in the process of improving performance.

Production Manager, Lockheed Martin

MDW has changed the way that people think, staff are now more aware of targets and what must be done to achieve them. They also understand how they can impact and remove obstacles that stand in the way of the job being done successfully.

Customer Order Support Advisor, UKPN Maidstone

Client Awards

CDI London clients using MDW received national recognition for sustained improvements.


  • Winner: People Management & Skills Development Award 2010 – Vitacress Salads
  • Highly commended: Supply Chain Award 2010 – Vitacress Salads
  • Winner: Supply Chain Award 2009 – Barfoots
  • Highly commended: Best Small Company 2009 – Barfoots
  • Winner: Best Process Plant 2009 – JohnsonDiversey UK
  • Winner: Energy & Environment Award 2009 – JohnsonDiversey
  • Winner: Factory of the Year 2006 – Vitacress Salads
  • Winner: Best Household and General Products Plant 2006 – Vitacress Salads
  • Winner: Best Supply Chain 2006 – Vitacress Salads
  • Winner: Best Factory, South & East 2006- – Vitacress Salads


  • Winner: Manufacturing Excellence Award 2005 – JohnsonDiversey
  • Winner: Award for Resource Efficiency 2005 – JohnsonDiversey
  • Winner: Award for People Effectiveness 2005 – Domino UK and JohnsonDiversey


  • Winner: Sustainable Business Award for Large Business 2007 – Vitacress Salads


  • Awvn Innovation Trophy 2009 – Diversey Holland
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