Beware the Boomerang effect of Ignored Poor Performance

November 16th, 2018

poor Performance

If you are a leader or manager consistently ignoring poor performance, BEWARE, the boomerang effect could have devastating consequences for you and your business.

We’ve all witnessed poor performance or behaviour going unaddressed at work and sometimes we are guilty of ignoring it.

However when you consistently ignore poor performance, problems will develop and come back to hit you with force.

Take John for instance, he heads the sales department in a small distribution business. The sales team has been underperforming for months and John is not dealing with the problem. The team is being dominated and intimidated by a very forceful member who makes a lot of noise but delivers little value. The team leader left almost a year ago and in spite of promises, John has not announced a replacement. Team productivity and morale is at a record low.

So focused is John on avoiding a situation of potential conflict that he has lost sight of the big picture. He is not seeing the impact of this behaviour on the team and the consequences for the business.

As a leader John is loosing credibility and trust fast. The team has lost focus; they have stopped their regular meetings and are not meeting their deadlines. This is affecting others in the business and having a negative impact on customer service and the bottom line.

The root cause of this problem in my view lies with the business leader. By not addressing John’s reluctance to manage the conflict in his team, the business owner has allowed the problem to escalate and a culture of avoidance to permeate through the business

With support and guidance from his leader, John would be able see whole situation and understand how he is contributing to the problem (more about being self aware).

He would then be able to address the poor behaviour and bring the team back into focus with their goals.

What are you ignoring that could be harming your business and the people in it? And what can you do about it? Contact us to talk about it. 

Jenny Johnson, CDI london Coach