Terry Johnson


Terry is passionate about implementing management systems that engage every employee on a journey to excellence. His strength lies in his ability to build a strong foundation for employee engagement, target specific processes for rapid improvement and engage the talents of everyone in the continuous improvement of business processes and performance.

Terry naturally connects to people at all levels and he is particularly skilled at communicating goals and measures in a way that makes sense to everyone. By replicating the principles successfully adopted by sports teams, Terry helps work teams focus and create an environment of continuous improvement that ups their game.

With over 20 years’ experience at running multi-site manufacturing and distribution operations and a passion for operational excellence, Terry founded CDI London in 2005. Since then, he has successfully supported organisations in the UK, Europe and USA to world-class competitiveness using LEAN management systems and best practice.

Terry is a keen sportsman and enthusiastic rugby supporter. He plays the occasional game of hockey, runs regularly and races his dingy during the summer months. He is a regular volunteer at the National Trust, helping maintain the beautiful English countryside.