Jenny Johnson


Jenny is an accomplished Coach, Trainer and Facilitator with a wealth of experience in people and leadership development. She has a particular affinity for helping new and less experienced leaders develop confidence and personal capability. She has experience working with people of different nationalities from countries around the world.

Jenny’s skill lies in enabling workplace leaders develop soft skills and more effectively communicate and engage the people they work with. With her warm, calm approach and skilled listening, she creates safe spaces for leaders to come together and explore new concepts and perspectives with mutual learning, and support.

Jenny is passionate about health and wellbeing, creating balance in her own life with regular exercise and time out with family and friends. She loves nature and enjoys being outdoors, running, walking and working in her garden.

Jenny is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and a qualified Coach with a BA in English & Psychology and Diploma in Education. She mentors leadership students at the CMI and keeps her skills current with regular training, supervision and reading.