About Us

Our mission is to help every business achieve sustainable success with talented support from all their employees

What makes CDI London stand apart, is our experience and ability to turn complexity into simplicity, thus enabling everyone to contribute to achieving better, cheaper and faster results for the business. Having the clarity and ability to connect people to the purpose of the business and equip them with the skills they need, our clients have created sustainable ways of working and exceeded their goals every year.

In operation since 2005, CDI London has worked in many industries from large blue-chip corporations to smaller family owned businesses. While each business is unique, they share common problems and we are proud of the accomplishments of every business we have worked with. While some businesses have gone on to win nationally recognised awards, our proudest moments are when our clients no longer need our help.

Our Values

Integrity and honesty are central to our relationships

We work alongside you to help you achieve success

Continuous learning helps us all grow

We champion enjoyment and fun at work

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