4 Ways To Ensure Your Meetings Deliver Results

February 25th, 2015

Productive Meetings delivering resultsHiroshi Mikitani asked in a recent blog, “Are morning meetings necessary?  Hiroshi advocates that having a regular morning meeting keeps everyone on the same page, aiming towards the same goals. In other words, a regular meeting ensures everybody knows exactly what they have to do.

I agree in principle, but what if your meetings are not keeping everyone on the same page?

Meeting regularly won’t necessarily keep everybody in the know. I have experienced countless meetings that left me as clueless after the meeting as I was before.

4 Ways To Ensure Your Meetings Deliver Results

 A Clear Purpose

Meetings should have purpose. With a clear understanding of the purpose of the meeting, attendees will come prepared and be able to focus on achieving a desirable outcome.

 Shared Values

Good meetings have values that are shared and understood by everyone. Values that are not just a list of words but are a living, breathing guide to behaviours acceptable to everyone at that meeting. If punctuality is important to everybody, meetings will always start on time.

 Regular and Routine

The frequency of meetings will reflect the rhythm of the business. Front line teams usually meet daily to keep pace with the speed that things happen. Slower paced functions generally meet weekly.

Scheduling the meeting regularly at the same time each day makes it easier for the right people to attend.  A regular meeting routine ensures everyone knows what to expect and arrives prepared.

 Everybody is Involved

The meeting must be relevant and purposeful for all the attendees. Everybody needs to be be involved, spectators rarely add value. Engaging everyone in the purpose and process of the meeting will generate more and better ideas and solutions. People will leave the meeting knowing exactly what they need to do next.

It takes a little effort but your daily/weekly meeting can become a valuable habit that delivers results and keeps everyone informed and focused.

Jenny Johnson