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We help businesses improve performance by engaging their people in focused and meaningful work.

We’re different in that we’ll not only help your business increase productivity. We’ll also show your people how to sustain improvements and remain competitive.

We’ll teach your people how to use Lean tools to solve problems and make improvements. By turning common sense into common practice we’ll show them how to make-work easier to do. And we will develop your leaders; helping them inspire and empower your people so together they achieve your business vision.

Do you feel that your business has the potential for real growth?

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What our clients say


Barfoots of Botley

Double H Nurseries

 The key to achieving our record results was team empowerment and managers who are now coaches and ‘unblockers’ of stuck processes.


MDW has succeeded where other continuous improvement approaches have failed by being simpler, more engaging and less disruptive to implement and because it quickly transfers long-term improvement skills to our teams.

UK Power Networks

The coaching and training provided by CDI London is flexible, focused and practical. It enabled us to implement improvements much faster than we previously thought possible and stay ahead of our competitors.

UK Power Networks

CDI London provided our manufacturing team with a framework that involved everyone in the process of improving performance.

Lockheed Martin

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